I Do Not Have the Sauce and I Am Not Saucey



"I'm sure your DMs are always full. What do they look like?" That's what my friend said as we finished up our work out. "No, they're actually quite dry." I pulled out my phone and went to my DMs. 

For some reason, people think I have waiting list to go out on a date. But, nah bruh. I remember going to the "Young, Black, and Brooklyn: Music, Media, and Mass Incarceration of the Mind" event in Bedstuy a few weeks back and someone caught my eye. Nameless (lol) walked onto the panel, dressed in all black, and commanded everyone's attention. I'm sure my dimples popped severely. The whole night we exchanged glances (in my head) while I stared and took snap chats. 

While I was leaving, we caught each other's eyes. "Come here." I walked over trying not to look nervous. "Is there something you wanted to tell me?" 

"No, there isn't." I grinned so hard that I'm sure my eyes were shut. 

"Oh, ok. You're silly." 

I walk out and tell Aaron (from The New Stereotype) that I say nothing. I'm too nervous. 

This is how most of my exchanges go. I get super nervous. I can't stop laughing and I struggle to find the words to say. 

So, no, I do not have the sauce and I'm certainly not saucey. I'm working on it, though.