Be Eye Candy or Soul Food?

Social Media Perception

Is it more important to be liked or to be respected? Most would automatically say respected but am I living my life that way? I filter through the explore page on Instagram: Cleavage. Abs. Travel. Abs. Cleavage. Rented clothes.

As much as I love social media and the access it gives us, I also loathe some of the feelings that we develop due to it.  A friend of mine once said "it's not how you see me, but it's how I allow myself to be seen." 

Social media allows us to be seen in any way we want. Take 50 pics, edit down to three, filter them, and ask your friend which one they like the best (thanks Gerald). Filter this, crop that, smile big, and pose against a nice backdrop. Insert a nice quote and we are now ready for the "gram." I remember posting these pics, waiting 15 minutes and seeing how many likes I had. Did I do numbers? Until I got tired of my day being determined by likes....

I want to be soul food. Something that is comforting to the heart. I want to encourage authentic smiles and not just grins. In fact, I think I'm most like mac-and-cheese (3 to 4 cheese of course). 

"May Christ set you free from all competition and comparison, so that you may fully embrace who you were created to be." - Brittney S. Carter